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Space Posters

“The cosmos is also within us, we’re made of star stuff”. Perhaps that’s why everything related to the universe catches our attention. These space art prints are a typographic journey through the celestial bodies that make up our cosmos.

Find the perfect solar system poster

If you are interested in our space posters, you may probably know that the planets of solar system owe their names to the gods of Greek and Roman civilizations. We are also curious people: before designing our art prints we investigate each topic and write down peculiar facts that catch our attention. Did you know that, beyond being the goddess of love, Venus was considered the mother of Roman people? Do you know which was the planet that represented the king of all the gods? In our solar system posters you will find curious facts about these celestial objects so that you can share them with your guests whilst being in your favourite place.

How to combine your favourite planet poster?

All Dentro posters use a specific colour palette so that you can combine them easily and without complications. That’s why it’s very easy to combine your space posters with any of our prints. Have you considered hanging on your Venus poster next to Kentia poster? Their bright colours will provide vibrancy to your wall decor. Tip: try to combine different poster sizes. Hang a 50×70 print next to a 30×40 one. It’s a simple gesture that can give intention and style to your home decor.