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Kitchen prints

We enjoy kitchen time and everything that happens while enjoying food. Preparing delicious dishes, having a tasty coffee, sharing the table with our favorite people. Our kitchen posters dress your walls and the stories that take place in one of our favourite rooms.

Kitchen wall art

A modern kitchen is more than the place where we prepare tasty dishes. Today, kitchens have become a meeting point within the home, a space where we interact and define how we want to share with our people. Kitchen decoration is a must in modern kitchens, as it makes them more cozy and pleasant. Our kitchen prints are ideal to give a special touch to the walls of your favorite room. Among Dentro’s kitchen prints you will find fruit posters, coffee prints and ones of other drinks, posters with motifs of Barcelona hydraulic tiles… Choose the one that best suits your home personality!

Kitchen posters

Thinking about what to offer to decorate yout kitchen, we realized something we already knew: we love gastronomy. We fall in love with the bright colors of the fruits and vegetables when in the market, we love the aromas of a good wine or a fresh beer, and enjoy while having a coffee made with care. In honor of gastronomic pleasures, we have designed different food posters, such as fruit and food market prints, coffee posters and other delicious delicacies that make us enjoy the moment in which we consume them.