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Enjoy my neighbourhood - Support my local

Small shops and their products bring sweet moments that are difficult to experience far from our neighborhood. The new Enjoy my neighbourhood – Support my local collection asserts the pleasures of local shops and especially the people who make a unique place the area where we live

A collection in support of small business

After this long confinement, it is necessary to bet more than ever on local business. Greeting the baker while taking the crispy bread, having a beer with your friends in the sun-glazed square, or enjoying a vermouth in the nearest terrace are significant moments that often happen when small businesses are involved. This collection of decorative prints enhances the pleasures hidden behind local products, and encourages people to consume them locally.
At a time like this, enjoying and helping can be synonyms!

Handmade by ourselves

We care about people. Being close with those around us is something that identifies us, as a brand and also on a personal level.

So this new collection is handmade by ourselves. We have cut one by one the elements that make up our prints, distributing them on paper to visualize the results. For us, accustomed to purely digital work, it has been a pleasant experience. We hope that you also value the familiarity and imperfection of handmade goods.