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Botanical Prints

Plants and flowers attract positive energy. According to Feng Shui philosophy, surrounding ourselves with them can increase our creativity and release the so-called “happiness hormone”. Decorate your rooms with these botanical posters to bring harmony and good vibes to your home.

Flower poster for decorating your walls

Placing plants at home or in the office can improve your health and uplift your mood. We love what makes us feel good, so we wondered how we could bring flowers and plants into your home. We have designed botanical art prints for you to surround yourself with harmony and wellness. Framing and placing your posters in your hallway can transmit cosiness and leave a natural impression on your guests. If you have a big wall in your living room, choose a larger poster which provides an extra touch of colour. Have you ever thought about your bathroom? It’s an ideal place to decorate with floral posters.

Find plant posters online

If you get deep into our botanical garden you’ll discover exotic plant posters which will provide a fresh and cosy touch to your home decor. Thanks to our online store you can have a look at all our botanical posters from home and hang them on your walls within 48h. Easy, isn’t it? Calathea, Monstera, Ficus Elastica… Our botanical prints are an ideal way to enjoy plants eternally. Tip: our plants love our animal prints. Combine them to make your living room a natural place.