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Barcelona Posters

We love Barcelona. Its architecture and modernist designs show curved lines which evoke movement, life and lightness. Our Barcelona posters are a tribute to its dynamism and innovative spirit. Inspiration from the Mediterranean city to decorate your most personal space.

More than a poster store in Barcelona

Dentro is more than a poster store in Barcelona. Behind our prints there’s a team of talented designers dedicated to taking care of every detail of our products. Our aim is to offer beautiful and high-quality posters which give meaning to your home. You can find us and shop our posters at our studio-store in Gracia, Barcelona. Swing by to say hi and we’d be happy to talk about things that matter.

How to combine your Barcelona art prints?

A Barcelona poster is a safe bet when it comes to your home decor. Their curved lines and organic shapes give movement and life to your rooms. You can hang them in a relevant place and let our designs speak for themselves. As you have seen in our store, the colours and shapes of our Barcelona posters are complementary: it’s a nice idea to combine two or three art prints to decorate your most personal space. Tip: try to compose your Barcelona art prints vertically and horizontally. By doing this this you’ll provide dynamism to your home decor. Find your favourite print at our Barcelona poster store!