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Abstract posters

Stripping away all known appearances and proposing a new reality. Our abstract art prints deconstruct any previously known structure to generate new connections. Posters which give rise to new thoughts.

Dentro abstract art prints

Abstract art offers new ways of understanding reality through shapes and color combinations that are at odds with the real world. Dentro abstract posters rethink established structures in order to deconstruct them and create new ones. Once you hang them on your walls, these prints open new paths to engage in deep talks with your guests. Decorate your walls with a Dentro abstract art print. Among our abstract posters you’ll find abstract representations of everyday objects as books or traffic signs. Their elements are decomposed to create new graphic pieces using only shapes and color.

How to decorate your abstract poster?

Due to the bright colours, shapes and unreal compositions, Dentro abstract art prints won’t go unnoticed. If you want to grab the attention of your guests, choose the largest poster size: your abstract poster will stand out in the living room. Combine it with smaller black and white art prints to accentuate the contrast of the colours. At Dentro we design posters that relate to each other. Take three of them and place them one next to other to generate continuity and a consistent dialogue. We provide the prints, you set the rules.